B.A. combined honours in Music & English, University of King's College/ Dalhousie University, Diploma in Extended Studies (University of Otago, N.Z.)


Anna Wedlock has been a performer since she was a child. At 6, she was cast in a principal role in the CBC film Pit Pony, starring along side Ellen Page. Two years later, she continued that role in the Pit Pony series. She continued to act into her early teens. Credits include the role of Elizabeth in the cartoon For Better or Worse, the children's series Works, and Three Days, a Christmas movie starring Kristen Davis


After meeting Natalie MacMaster and Ashley MacIsaac on set, Anna became inspired to begin celtic fiddle lessons and eventually classical violin studies with Isabelle Fournier (RCM, U.K.). At Dalhousie University, she studied with renowned violinist Philippe Djokic (Juilliard) and at the University of Otago, New Zealand, she studied with Tessa Petersen (Royal College Of Music, UK).


Along with her teaching studio at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, Anna is an active freelance violinist. She is the founding member of The Bela String Quartet, one of the city's most in demand classical ensembles. She also performs regularly with Willie Stratton, Mike Kerr and the Port City Hot Club, the Franklin Brewery Boys, and the Big Country Ramblers. Other collaborations include: Thomas Stajcer, Ryan Cook, and the Big Island Trio. Past collaborations include: Rod Stewart, Buck Tingley, The Vaudevillian, E.B. Anderson and the Resolutes, the Chris Martin Trio, composer Mike Hastings, and the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra.


Anna was recently nominated for the 2017 "Music Nova Scotia Musician of the Year" award.