Aaron’s Key

Bill Malley’s Barndance

Brenda Stubbert’s

Calliope House

Cooley’s Reel

Drowsy Maggie

Exile of Erin

Grand Etang

Hull’s Reel

Humours of Tulla

Jenny Dang the Weaver

Jig of Slurs

Jig Runrig

King George the IV


Macarthur’s Road 

Morrison’s Jig Fiddle

Ms. Stewart of Garth

Ms. Stewart of Grantully

Music for a Found Harmonium 

My Love is But a Lassie Yet

Poon Hill

Ramnee Ceilidh

Road to Errogie

The Pitnacree Ferryman

The Beehive

The Morning Dew

The Mountain Road Fiddle

The Night We Saw the Goats