My son started playing the violin for the first time last year, and within a month, he had learned the basics and started playing with enthusiasm. Thanks to Anna Wedlock's careful and encouraging teaching, he enjoys the lessons. 

-Nnamdi Oboli

Photo credit: Evan McMaster
Photo credit: Evan McMaster

Tailored-to-Fit Lessons


Whether you're an adult, child, or somewhere in between, Anna offers lessons for all ages. She encourages each student to try a variety of genres, whether it be pop, bluegrass, celtic, classical, etc. Students sign up for a term of lessons and choose whether they'd like to do a concert or a recording for their year end project.


"Anna brings patience, focus and dedication to ensure Jordan has a professional and great music education. We have seen a lot of progress and he has gained a lot since he started out at the conservatory. Anna has kept his interest, challenged him by raising the bar each time, training him for his exams, all while making learning fun. He has gained lots of confidence from the recitals and is even able to participate in competitions/festivals. I am sure there's no better place for anyone to have a great music education."

-Dominic Andrade


One of the joys of playing music is collaborating with other musicians. Anna helps students form small playing groups with one another, to help develop ensemble skills.

As well as learning to read music, Anna encourages her students to learn by ear and discover the joys of 'jamming'.

Photo credit: Evan McMaster
Photo credit: Evan McMaster

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About the Studio

Anna teaches at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts, based in the North end of Halifax. The conservatory is a rich community of teachers, performers, and over 1600 music, dance, and theater students. Built in 1910, the conservatory includes classrooms, practice space, and a beautiful concert hall, all available to teachers and students of the MCPA.

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